SLTN Achieves Platinum Partner Status At Proofpoint

SLTN is growing strongly, as is the Cyber Security industry. SLTN has been one of the leading partners of the cyber security company Proofpoint in the Netherlands for over a year. This partnership has led to substantial revenue growth in the middle and higher segment of companies and organizations, with the result that SLTN has now achieved Platinum partner status, the highest possible partner status at Proofpoint.

Proofpoint’s people-centric cybersecurity solutions detect, protect and respond to the most sophisticated email attacks and advanced threats, including providing email authentication through DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance), which is mandatory for many organizations in the Netherlands from 1 January 2020. Proofpoint also offers customers security awareness solutions to train employees on cybersecurity best practices, reducing the risk of human error, which is vital as attackers shift their focus from targeting infrastructure, to targeting people with social engineering. Thanks to this combination, organizations can effectively detect, block and quickly respond to suspicious behavior.

Eugene Tuijnman – CEO van SLTN Inter Access
Jim CoxRegionaal Directeur Benelux bij Proofpoint

“Now that many organizations are migrating to an email cloud service, we see that the number of successful attacks, using email as a starting point, is increasing significantly. Thanks to Proofpoint’s technology, we can not only better protect organizations, but also improve their security awareness,” said Eugene Tuijnman, CEO of SLTN Inter Acces. “This gives our customers top-level protection technology, combined with our local expertise and the professional Managed Services they have come to expect from SLTN.

“Cyber ​​criminals are increasingly targeting people instead of systems or infrastructure. In fact, recent Proofpoint research demonstrated that 99% of cyber attacks require human interaction to be successful. As a result, we need to look at cyber crime differently and increasingly opt for a people-centric approach to effectively combat attacks,” said Jim Cox, Regional Director Benelux at Proofpoint. “Proofpoint integrates a people-oriented view of its security platform, so that vulnerable users can be easily identified. A tailor-made approach is created to offer every individual the best protection. The highly successful collaboration with SLTN helps to deliver first-class security and meets the needs of organizations in the constantly changing threat landscape.”

About Proofpoint, Inc.
Proofpoint, Inc. (NASDAQ: PFPT) is a leading American company in the field of cyber security and compliance. They protect the most important assets of organizations and combat the risks. The most important assets of organizations are their people. With an integrated suite of Cloud-based solutions, Proofpoint helps companies around the world stop threats targeted at them, protect their data, and empower their users against cyber attacks. Many leading Enterprise and SME organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, rely on people-oriented security and compliance solutions from Proofpoint to mitigate their most critical risks in email, Cloud, social media and the web. More information is available on